🐱 Marketing for Product Hunt Launch

🐱 Marketing for Product Hunt Launch

Product Hunt (PH) is a place to discover, share, and geek out about new products in tech. Submitting your product there is a good way to appear in front of journalists, tech people and fellow makers. After submission, the product will participate in the daily race. The race starts PST 00:00 and finishes PST 23:59. You have to get as many upvotes and comments as you can by the end of the day! 🏆 The most successful products appear on the Homepage and can get a lot of honest feedback, downloads, users and PR buzz. Please, check success PH stories to decide if PH is the right launch platform for you!

Start with basic rules on Posting: how to post or comment, how to ask for support, how to get to the homepage. Then read Five things everyone should know about Product Hunt. Join the PH community and feel how it works, before actually starting you launch activities.

😱 Successful PH launch takes a lot of preparation, promotion during the launch (24h++) and follow-up work. These guides will help you:

📌 Useful tools:

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