💌 Lifecycle Email Marketing EDM

💌 Lifecycle Email Marketing EDM

Lifecycle emails can help you to accomplish almost any marketing goal: onboard new users, increase sales, grow users engagement, bring back inactive one or build a long-lasting relationship. It's also known as drip marketing or automated email campaigns. To make it simple: it's a set of emails that will be sent out automatically based on schedule, triggers, or user actions. There are four key components for such email campaigns: the right user, goal-oriented topic, good timing and contextual message.

💻 Let's start with onboarding. The goal of it is to increase the number of users who actually use your product (or free trial) and pay for it later. Onboarding process can be done through in-app messages, live chat messages, product tours, welcome modal windows, well-crafted UX or even phone calls. We will focus on onboarding via emails:

🚀 Subscriber emails are good for announcing new feature releases or sharing blog posts. It's also used for sending educational materials or curated content newsletters. All these emails can be an effective tool for growing your existing user's engagement. With newsletters you can gain many email addresses and turn them into users or partners:

📢 Promotional Emails helps you to grow sales:

You should always A/B test your email campaigns: try different subject lines, texts, message styles, images, CTA buttons. Look at your metrics and measure how well each element works:

📚 Want to learn even more about Lifecycle Email Marketing? Read these comprehensive long guides, that contain all types of emails we talk above with examples, tips & trips and recommended tools:

📌 Useful tools:

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