Information & Documenting tools.

Information & Documenting tools.

Integrate your data sets

  • Experience the ease of bringing multiple data sources together in one platform.


  • Spend less time processing your data and focus more on quality insights.
  • Drag and drop to create tables, then transform your tables into visuals with a single click.
  • Calculate statistical significance and hide data points that aren't relevant.


  • Transform your data insights into beautiful, shareable "stories" and deliver powerful insights that inspire action.
  • Save stories and share them with others.
  • Whether it's on a live dashboard or exported to PowerPoint, your data has never looked so good.

Right people, right time

  • Easily deliver valuable insights that influence.
  • Dashboards are visually compelling and easily customized.
  • Reports automatically update when new data is available, and data alerts make sure significant changes in key metrics are never missed.

1: Username (Alias)

2: Archives

3: Social Networks

4: Phone Numbers

5: IP Addresses

6: Skype Resolvers

7: Database Search

8: WHOIS/Website

9: Images

10: IP2Skype

11: Email2Skype

12: Skype2Lan

13: Skype2Email

14: MAC Address Lookup

15: Lat/Long

16: EXIF Data

17: IP Logger

18: Other



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