💃Influencer Marketing

💃Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is focused on working with opinion leaders to drive company message/product/service to the larger market. 📚 These long guides will be good for the start:

influencers seo 

You should not be afraid to reach to the cool people. Be helpful, nice and creative:

Case-studies, which can teach and inspire you:

📌 Useful tools:

  • Find Twitter Influencers via Klear. It's free for 10 keyword searches ("skill"). Paid version has more advanced options.
  • Social networks. You can find opinion leaders by checking the keywords search, followers number and engagement level.
  • Twitonomy gives a detailed info about influencer from his Twitter profile. It can show people who are interacting with the influencer on the regular basis. Those people can become your starting point to get to the top-niche person.
  • Followerwonk Analyze gives a huge database about any Twitter user's network. This free tool shows you info on user followers and people, whom this user follows. So you can find the best time to engage, popular users, location info, etc.
  • Use RSS apps for getting content from influencers' blogs. You can comment those posts and share good one via your social media. Selfoss is a good RSS app. It's an open source, so you may dig into its code and customize things.
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