😨 Cold Email Marketing

😨 Cold Email Marketing

Most people hate cold outreach and everything connected with the direct sales. However, smart user-oriented cold emails can give you new users, partners or recommendations. I used this technique for getting feedback on early Flawless App. On average, 25% of people answered to my cold emails. 😟 I was afraid, that people would write me: "go away with your spam!" But nobody did that. The worst answer was: "not interested". As you see, there is no reason to avoid cold email marketing:


Learn from fellow entrepreneurs and makers, who run cold email campaigns:

Some more tips & tricks:

πŸ“Œ Useful tools:

  • Norbert for finding emails. It gives you 50 free email searches once you create an account.
  • Streak for Gmail for scheduling emails to be sent later and managing your connections. With this tool, you can also see who has opened your email πŸ˜‰
  • GMass for cold mass emailing. You can use GMass for free to send 50 emails per day.
  • Time Converter will help you to schedule cold emails considering different time zones.
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