🔮 Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is about using software to automate marketing tasks, including emails, SMM, user support, ad campaigns, lead management, CRM, analytics, data flows and much more. It includes a set of tools, integrations,

Business Model and Pricing

Business model is the most difficult part of any side-project. We struggle in asking people to pay for your product or service. Usually, we don't know what is the right way to build

Building Partnerships

Communication is the key to building any kind of relationships. Every social community has its own rules. Business people will prefer concise value driven messages, when engineers are more open to deep well-thought-out

😨 Cold Email Marketing

Most people hate cold outreach and everything connected with the direct sales. However, smart user-oriented cold emails can give you new users, partners or recommendations. I used this technique for getting feedback on

💌 Lifecycle Email Marketing EDM

Lifecycle emails can help you to accomplish almost any marketing goal: onboard new users, increase sales, grow users engagement, bring back inactive one or build a long-lasting relationship. It's also known as drip